There are certain days in the year when we ALL are wearing shorts; Uncles, kids, Mum’s, bosses, Grandma...

These football shorts; where to even begin!
Let’s start with the fabric; super soft, natural coloured or black, certified organic bamboo, which is gentle and cooling to wear, allowing your skin to breathe. You know you’re in touch with nature.
The waistband is made from organic cotton and rubber, so no sweaty and irritating synthetic grip around the waist, and two big side pockets in the seam.
If they go missing, check your teenage son’s bedroom ⚽️

And did I mention the boob tube? Let your back and shoulders heal from bitey strap marks with this springy boob tube that’s so easy to wear round the house or out in the evening. (Looks stunning under the sheer linen long shirt too).

Football Shorts