So you’re away on holiday, or an overnight stay and your outfit has to last from day into evening...

This 2-in-1 duo from the Net Neutrals Collection will see you right.


The bamboo short cycle shorts are made from super, super soft certified organic bamboo, which is anti- microbial and super absorbent. Worn under a pretty tunic top, you’ll stay cool and playful.


Transform the look in an instant by slipping on these beautiful 100% artisinal linen net trousers, throw on some strappy sandals, whip your hair up et voila! You are a vision of elegance, ready for an evening out!


I’m going to design some bamboo tops next that will complete this look.


All of this without poisoning the planet, exploiting workers, and with a fraction of the carbon emissions of synthetic, non-organic equivalent products.

2-in-1 Net Trousers

Color: Natural